Selling on Amazon? There is a Better Way

Benefits of FBA

If you are a seller on Amazon and not using their Fulfillment Service (FBA) this article is for you. I sold on Amazon from 2004 and made some decent money. I mostly sold books and other media items. When FBA first started being discussed, I didn’t see the point. I was listing and selling and making money, why did I want to add another layer of what I saw as complexity at the time.

What I didn’t understand at the time was the exponentially larger customer base I would be exposing my items to by participating. Neither did I understand how much time I would be saving myself. Signing up for FBA was one of the best things I’ve done to move my business forward. My sales have quadrupled; I am selling in many more categories, for higher prices, than before. In fact, there are so many benefits I am having trouble deciding how to present them to you. Let’s focus on the top two.

HIGHER SALES – Why do FBA sellers, in general, have higher sales numbers than other Amazon sellers? There are many reasons but the main one, in my opinion, is the trust factor. The vast majority of Amazon buyers, especially their PRIME registered buyers (Amazon’s Free Shipping Program) believe anything shipped by Amazon is sold by Amazon. While they may notice your merchant name on the listing or the packing slips, chances are they won’t. They bought on Amazon, Amazon shipped their item, so as far as they are concerned, they purchased FROM Amazon. Now, these buyers are extremely loyal buyers and they trust Amazon implicitly. Therefore they expect and are willing to pay a higher price for the privilege of buying from Amazon. There is even a search option so they will only SEE items shipped by Amazon. It is called ‘Prime only’ and here is a screenshot.

A Day in the Life!

Ready for Bed tonight after a very eventful Tuesday.

What a day in the life of ThatKat!

From saying goodbye to my Soldier Son, Thomas Simpson, as he prepares to deploy to Afghanistan on July 3rd (what an appropriate day, right?) and finding my emotions as a mother so very different from facing deployments as a military wife!




Next was the 2 week checkup for husband Jeff from his most recent (6 so far) back surgery and finding out

that healing is ahead of schedule and all is well! Yeah! Great news.





And finally around 5 PM came the news that our family had grown, grandbaby number three has arrived, all 9 pounds 14.5 ounces of him. Welcome Bennett Jones Simpson, Nonna can’t wait to hold you!