How to maximize your holiday marketing

Although the holiday season doesn’t officially kickoff until November, it’s never too early to get a head start on your holiday marketing. Here’s some ideas that can help you get the most out of your holiday marketing.

Provide coupons as sign-up incentives
Buyers love coupons and one great way to kick-start your holiday marketing is to offer them to individuals who sign up for your website’s newsletter. This not only can help get them into your store, but the newsletter provides a great way to market your holiday sales.

Remind international buyers about shipping deadlines
International buyers typically have shorter shipping deadlines to order and receive items when their packages are sent by sea mail. You can often get some pre-holiday sales by reminding buyers that the deadline for purchasing items from across the pond is quickly approaching and time is running out.

Consider a loyalty program
Dollar and percentage-off offers are great, but you can also take loyalty shopping a step further by providing your best buyers with additional savings. Black Friday discounts, free gifts with purchase, or even free gift-wrapping can all help to keep buyers coming back time and time again.

Offer free shipping
Although many sellers rightly feel that free shipping eats into profits, many buyers don’t understand if you don’t offer it. One way some savvy sellers have gotten around this is by offering free shipping, but only when buyers make multiple purchases at one time. Buyers will often purchase additional items to meet buying requirements, so offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more, or when two or more items are purchased at the same time, can often work as effectively as offering every item to ship for free.

Call them by name
Did you know that you can often create a closer relationship with buyers by simply calling them by name? When corresponding with a buyer, make a point to address them by their first name. You can also make it a bit more personal by adding a hand-addressed thank you note with their purchases that uses their first name as well.

How do you maximize your holiday marketing? Leave a comment below.

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