How to make your eBay items gift ready for the holidays


Although the official start of fall isn’t until September 22, many people consider the unofficial end of summer to have “officially” started this week. For many sellers, the day after Labor Day not only means summertime is over, but that it’s also time to kick-start the holiday season (even if it is a month or two early to be getting out those winter coats).

So, what is one of the first steps for getting ready for the holiday season? Getting your eBay items “gift ready” for the holidays. In other words, there are some things you can do to make the items you already have in your store more giftable. Let’s take a look how.

Tweak your keywords

First, take a good look at the titles of your listings. Are there ways to incorporate keywords that could make the item a better fit for the holiday season? As an example, if a whimsical coffee mug would make a good co-worker gift, you can add “co-worker gift” or “Secret Santa.” Think about who the buyer could be purchasing your item for. Add details to your listing that can help make the item seem more personal, so that it is attractive as a gift for a close friend or family member.

Consider pricing

Think about the people in your life. How much would you spend for a gift for your son’s teacher, a coworker, or a brother or sister? Setting prices within the $10 to $25 range can make them more appealing as gifts for office parties or a white elephant gift exchange, since presents for these types of get-togethers normally have a price cap. Also organizing items by price can help buyers quickly find gifts that are within their budgets.

Sell gift sets

Many buyers like gift sets because it takes some of the pressure off them when they are gift shopping. As an example, if you sell products such as homemade soap and hand creams, you could sell some of the more similar items together. Not only are buyers more likely to get them since it’s a complete gift, you can also often get a higher price by selling a set than if the person was buying just a single item from you.

Create a seasonal theme for your store

Okay, it might be a little early to bring out the snowflakes and dancing snowman, but adding a holiday theme to your photos as you bring in more inventory can save you time when the holidays draw near. For instance, you might show a necklace in a gift box or draped over a Christmas stocking, so that buyers can envision how the item will look when the recipient opens it (however, make sure to let buyers know that the stocking and/or box are not included though unless you are providing them as part of your holiday marketing!).

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