The Evolution of Your EBay Store


Many successful eBay stores have changed tremendously since back when they first opened. Sellers have brought in new inventory, updated the look of their store and logo, and even incorporated new trends and ideas into their online business. While the journey for each eBay seller and their store is different, there are some common threads among them that sellers say have helped their stores evolve.

Don’t be afraid to change direction

Like any good business, sometimes it takes more than one try for you to find your true niche. When Tiffany first started selling, she was simply getting rid of the clothes that her children were outgrowing. Overtime, she also begin making the rounds to local thrift stores and finding children’s clothing from there to sell as well. It wasn’t until she added some Little Golden Books into the inventory of her store that she realized what she actually wanted to sell. Today, she primarily sells vintage children’s books on both eBay and Amazon and says her store is continuing to grow as her inventory and tastes change.

Continue learning

Although becoming an expert in a niche is what every seller strives for, it is also important to continue learning new things so that you can keep challenging yourself. Brad went from selling vintage fishing lures to learning how to make his own. This has not only kept him interested in his store, but allowed him to expand his business in an entirely different direction. Today, Brad not only still has his eBay store for selling his vintage fishing equipment, he sells personalized fishing lure on Etsy. He states that he never would have discovered this niche if he hadn’t been trying to not only expand his business, but challenge himself as well.

Overcome your limitations

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Whether it’s a lack of space, lack of time, or a lack of money, all successful businesses eventually experience growing pains. While some are held back by these limitations (and often go on to other things instead), others make do with what they have or learn to work around their limitations. Tiffany initially could only work limited hours due to her three children, but discovered that two other mothers in her neighborhood were willing to look after her kids on certain days if she would look after theirs in exchange. She states that the other two mothers were lifesavers, since it gave her two days a week to take photos and list items undisturbed. She would then work on packaging items to ship after the kids were in bed and either ran the packages to the post office first thing in the morning, or had the post office pick them up.

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