Etsy community abuzz after retirement announcement for Treasuries

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When Treasuries first arrived on Etsy back in 2006, it was promoted as a way for sellers to celebrate and promote the work of other sellers. The idea, at the time, was to make Etsy into a community that would help members come together to encourage each other and also provide sellers with a chance to collaborate with others.

While the idea was loved and embraced by many, Etsy now reports that they are removing Treasuries because buyers rarely look at them and analytics have shown that few buyers actually purchase when they do take the time to view them. Etsy states that instead of putting resources in continuing to support Treasuries on their website, they will move to more proven marketing efforts with the hope of increasing the exposure to their seller’s shops.

Although this perhaps makes sense in a bottom-line sort of way, Etsy sellers who support Treasuries are not going away quietly into the night. Instead, a petition to save Treasuries has been started, which had been signed by over 1200 people yesterday. Comments below the announcement not only draws attention to the fact that there is a petition, but sellers have been quick to point out the flaws in Etsy’s analysis and decision.

One seller who opposes the loss of Treasuries tells Etsy that perhaps one reason buyers aren’t viewing Treasuries is because buyers can’t find them. She suggest that since Etsy killed off the front page Treasury, many buyers don’t even know the Treasuries that are still on the site even exist.

So…what will happen to the Treasuries that sellers have already created? According to Etsy, although they do not plan to remove them from the site, as of October 5, 2016, sellers will not be able to edit them nor will they be able to create any new ones. They also mention that they won’t do away with the external links to Treasury pages and that they will still continue to function, but for all practical purposes other than that, Treasuries appear to be coming to an end.

What do you think about the end of Treasuries? Have you signed the petition? Leave a comment below.

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