EBay 2016 Fall Updates – What You Need to Know


It’s that time of year again. Time for the dreaded eBay Fall Seller Update. Although it will take a while for everything to shake out, it appears that once again eBay is moving closer and closer to trying to be the next Amazon and as always, the question is how it’s all going to affect eBay sellers.

Here’s the latest:

Seller Performance Standards : Some good news here. EBay is going to give more time to sellers who have fallen below the required performance standards. This means that instead of a suspension or showing you to the door, you will have 3 months to improve your transactions. As long as each month is better than the previous, they will continue to work with you.

Structured Data: In another, “do as monkey do” move, eBay is pushing for newly created listings to have at least one type of product identifier. They say that you will no longer have the option of using NA or “Does not Apply.” Some categories will continue to be exempt, however, so there is still hope for those selling vintage and other one-of-a-kind items that normally wouldn’t have any type of coding for you to use even if you wanted to.

Phase out for Active Content: In a nutshell, if you have been using a company that does custom HTML for your store, eBay will not longer allow it. As of June 2017, this means no more JavaScript, plug-ins, Flash, or form actions will be allowed in listings. (So long Auctiva and InkFrog???)

Turbo Lister going bye-bye: This one isn’t exactly new news, since eBay had already announced plans to move sellers over to a new Seller Hub, but there are some final dates set now. As of June 2017, eBay will no longer support Turbo Lister and in the spring it will no longer support Selling Manager or Seller Manager Pro. They are emphasizing though that this new shiny Seller Hub is free to use, and you can get optional additional features for $15.99 a month. (Free to Premium or Anchor Store subscriptions)

Shipping and Returns: eBay states that they are making it easier for sellers when it comes to offering replacements and exchanges. As of October, sellers can automate the process, or will have the ability to offer replacements and exchanges whenever a return request is started, even if the seller didn’t set this feature up when they initially created the listing.

New categories and classifications: No surprise here as this seems to happen ever so often anyway. EBay states that the new and revised categories will arrive this October.

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