How to draw traffic to your online store

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Marketing can not only help you increase the traffic to your online store, but when done correctly can assist in maintaining customer loyalty and could even raise your sales. Unfortunately, many sellers put off performing the marketing portion of their online business because they think that it will take up too much of their time. In reality, you can often get positive results, even if you only work on it for 15 minutes a day. Here’s some ideas that can help.

Create a blog
Many online sellers continue to put off creating a blog because they either don’t know what the blog should be about or they don’t know what type of content they should write. Since search engine are constantly looking for new content, however, maintaining a blog can help boost your search results and draw attention to your store. To maximize your blogs potential, aim to create content that is relevant to the types of products you sell or promotes what your site is all about. As an example, if you sell cooking utensils, you could provide tips on cooking or even recipes that use the types of utensils that you sell.

Lights, camera, action
Creating short videos on YouTube that include a link to your website in the title is a great way to market your online store. Videos are extremely popular right now and search engines just love them. Google will even index your website higher in their search results if it contains a video.

Maximize your Facebook presence
Although there are some mixed opinions about how well Facebook Business pages (also known as a fan page) do, it’s still a good idea to have a Facebook page that is devoted to your online business. Make a point to post something there at least once a day.

While some sellers tend to post nothing but the items they sell on their Facebook page, mixing it up a bit with some personal stuff or articles about your particular niche can help keep your followers from feeling that you are doing nothing but spamming them.

Tweet, Snap, Post and Chat
Play around with other types of social media to see which ones are the best fit for your online business. If you’re selling to the millenial crowd, you may find that marketing on SnapChat or through Instagram is more successful than posting directly on Facebook or Twitter. To keep from getting overwhelmed with your marketing, try and master one social media website before advancing to the next. Make a point to track which sites do better and you can then concentrate more of your effort there.

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