How to decide what to name your blog – part two


Last week, we began the process of how to name your blog. As you may recall, there were three questions to answer that are designed to help point you in the direction of choosing your blog’s name.

These three questions were:

What do plan for your blog to be about?
Who do you want your target audience to be?
What type of voice is your blog going to have?

Now that you have thought about it and have better idea of what the purpose of your blog is, we can move toward actually deciding how to choose a name. Interestingly, just as there are three questions, there are also three ways to approach choosing a name.

First, you can use descriptive words. These words should hint or tell what your blog is about. As an example, if you are named Frank and sell fishing lures you might call it, “Frank’s Fish Talk.” You could then either discuss different types of lures (linking to the ones you sell in your store), or talk about fishing, which is a way to establish yourself as an expert.

The second approach to naming your blog is to actually create a brand name. As a seller, this means that you would want to name your blog the same name as your store. With a brand name, you could then either discuss the items you sell or your actual online business.

The third approach is to simply call it by your own full name. This helps to build you as a brand and makes your business more warm and personal.

Still undecided? Here, are some additional tips to help narrow it down.

1.Keep the name simple, easy to remember and easy to spell
2.Make the blog name appropriate to the blog’s topic
3.Make it convey what your blog is about to ensure that it is different from the competitions -this not only helps you stand out, but keeps you from getting into trouble for copying someone else’s brand name
4.Consider a play on words
5.Use humor or an alliteration to find a name

Finally, remember to think long term before naming your blog. While creating a blog name that is all about the items you sell is great if all you ever plan to do is sell that particular item, if you think that at some point you may want to branch out and sell or talk about something else, then you may want to consider other options that will let your blog posts grow and change the same way your online business does.

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