Blessings of Working at Home!

Many times we focus on the difficulties of working for ourselves. I struggle myself with discipline, working alone, being responsible, setting a reasonable schedule and all the other issues. However, I’d like to encourage you today to take time to enjoy the perks!

There are many and I hope you can add your own to my list:

  • Sick Days – _I_ decide
  • Vacation – _my_choice
  • Hours – if I am a nightowl, that’s okay
  • Pay – I am in charge again. If I want a raise, it is up to me.
  • Priorities – _I_ set them
  • Business Philosophy and Climate? Again, within MY control
  • Office Politics? Nope
  • Dress Code? – No pantyhose here!
  • Family – ahh – the big one

I love having Family at the center of my business. It has always been so for me and will remain that way. While I advocate a schedule and a Daily List for productivity, nothing can measure the motivation from those little interruptions that bring joy to the day.  What has me in this reflective mood today?  A short visit from my grandbabies who played in the yard with their grandpa while I finished a coaching call and



then greeted me with shouts and hugs and love. Ahh, THAT is the point of all this. I took a few minutes to play, to walk to see the big tree that had fallen over, to find a stick bug that was soooo hard to find. THAT sends me back to work happier, refreshed and more motivated to make my time in here count so I can spend more time out there.

THANK YOU to my dear DIL Jamey and my beautiful ‘babies’ Avery, Braden & Bennett.


Plum Alley – Women in Business Site!

Plum Alley: a site spotlighting women in e-commerce

As a woman in the industry, I love to see other women out here in this crazy world of e-commerce, doing our thing and being successful at it. But what do I love even more? A site or company dedicated to recognizing and helping female founders to be successful. is a site doing just that. Every week on Tuesday, the site highlights a different female founder by tells her story and showcasing a small quantity of the products and/or services that she offers and offering them at a sale price. All of the items offered vary in price and description, but they are all exquisite and most will be exclusive to the site. Plum Alley also archives every female founder that they feature for future reference. The site states that they “hope that every time you visit the site, you will feel a sense of admiration for the female entrepreneurs we feature”

I hope to see more sites like this popping up in the future. I know that I personally am inclined to spend with a company when I find out that it is run by a fellow woman and I believe perhaps others women out here feel the same. What about you, folks? Fellow women in e-commerce, is this something that you enjoy seeing, or does it make no difference to you what-so-ever who is running a company?