EBay Bucks and Bill Me Later Programs

Selling on eBay doesn’t necessarily mean that you buy on eBay. But if you do decide to make some purchases on eBay, make sure that you have signed up for these two programs. The programs, the eBay Bucks program and the Bill Me Later program, are two ways of saving a little money or time when shopping through the site. Are you familiar with the programs? I will run through a short description of each of them, so you know what they are and why you should be using them.


The eBay bucks program is simple, easy and helps you save a ton of money while shopping on the site. You simply sign up at the site above and earn a percentage of money back for every item you purchase. At the end of each quarter, (3 months) you receive a certificate that you can use to purchase more items on the site. Enrollment is quick and free and you can begin earning money on qualifying purchases immediately. Most items qualify for eBay bucks. The only items that don’t are items from eBay motors, classified items, gift cards or coupons, coin and paper money, and business and industrial goods. Go ahead and sign up now and start earning!


The Bill Me Later Program is a little more involved, but once you are approved, you simply click the little button when purchasing an item and you are on your way. The idea behind this program is that you can opt to purchase the item at the time you buy it, or you can make several purchases (like for holiday presents) then pay what you owe another time. The program is run through Paypal and is subject to credit approval, but once approved, can be a major time saver. Imagine, purchasing all of your Christmas gifts in one place and having them all shipped out, then only having one bulk payment to deal with after the craziness of the holiday season is over! Right now, they’re running a special that if you pay back what you owe in full before 6 months is up, you don’t have to worry about interest or making payments. So you save time and don’t have to worry about owing big time like you would with a credit card. Of course, it is a credit line, so there is an interest rate if you don’t pay in full after the six months, but nothing comes free in this world. It may be worth it, even with the interest rate, simply to have done all your shopping and only deal with one payment. The program is also running a special right now that if you are approved, you earn $10 eBay Bucks and 1% extra eBay bucks on all qualifying purchases. So you’re earning money to save time. What could be better? 🙂

ShopSmart – Save Money Shopping Your Favorite Stores

I love finding like-minded folks online! I’ve recently co-written a book on how to save money shopping your favorite stores, and it seems like every time I turn around lately I find yet another author or blogger who is writing about the same thing. Let me just say for the record that if you haven’t checked out ShopSmart magazine, now is the time to do so. The sole purpose of the magazine is to find ways to save money…and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! In their October 2012 issue, they ran an article on how to score big savings on clothing, accessories and tips for saving even more at your favorite retailers. While I love finding a blog or article geared towards saving money, what I love even more is when they tell people what I’ve been saying for years. Some of their top tips include: loyalty cards, following your favorite stores on social media, coupons, scouring the clearance racks (both online and in the store) and signing up for email alerts from the stores you frequent.

Folks, these tips and tricks are repeated by everyone as a way to save because they are ways that work! Don’t ever be caught paying full price when you could get away at a huge discount! Check out my book, Savings By Store, for more details on how to save big while shopping!

Back To School Bargains

BargainsAfter reading Lisa Suttora’s recent blog post about Selling Back To School Items, that has been a thought  running through my head often in the last couple of days.  So when I saw something in my local newspaper I decided to start this post and ask my readers to chime in.

Let’s talk about EXTRA bonus ways to save money when shopping for these items. We all know to watch for the sales from the big retailers, and use coupons, rebates and more but what about the EXTRA special deals some of them are running for (Back To School)BTS season.

For instance, did you know that Staples is running something called a ‘Binder BuyBack?’ All you have to do is take in an old binder and you’ll receive a $2 coupon on any binder you purchase.

Also, Walmart is running a special section for their deals – look for their88-cent section’ in all local stores!

Another cool deal is at CVS where they are offering extra bonus ‘Bucks’ in their ‘ExtraBucks’ program on any Mead and Crayola products. I’ve found this program to be really excellent with my retail arbitrage sourcing – just be sure to Watch those Expiration Dates!

My last special deal is about K-mart – they are doing something special for their ‘Shop Your Way’ program members. If you purchase $100 on select BTS items, you will get GAS discounts at your local Speedway station and FREE Flu shots!

Have you found a Special BTS deal? Please share!