That Kat Radio – Podcast 61 – April 14, 2014: Jim Cockrum Coaching with Bob Willey and Nathan Bailey and CLEER Amazon tool with Jordan Malik

Listen to That Kat Radio – Podcast 61 – April 14, 2014: Jim Cockrum Coaching with Bob Willey and Nathan Bailey and CLEER Amazon tool with Jordan Malik



In this episode of That Kat Radio, Kat speaks with Bob Willey and Nathan Bailey about Jim Cockrum Coaching and with Jordan Malik about his amazing new tool for eBay called CLEER. 


Before the show started, Kat was joined on the line by Nathan Bailey. Once the show began, they were both joined by Bob Willey, and they all three began to discuss Jim Cockrum Coaching.

Questions that were asked were:

  • What are your ecommerce histories, Nathan and Bob?
  • How did you connect with Jim Cockrum?
  • Does every ecommerce seller need a business coach?
  • How would a good coaching program improve my business?
  • What kind of programs are available through Jim Cockrum’s program and what costs are involved?

Nathan and Bob both have a lot of history in the world of ecommerce. They were both ecstatic to be asked to join Jim Cockrum as coaches for his program. Jim’s program began as a relatively small endeavor, then continued to gather steam. Today, there are thousands of people who can testify that Jim Cockrum has forever changed and improved their businesses. Jim employs Nathan and Bob as coaches who write articles for his blog, discuss strategies with clients and do personal coaching with Jim’s clients as well. These coaching strategies are excellent because they are tailored to your specific business. Not only do you get the expertise of your coach, you get the entire program at your disposal, including hundreds of pages worth of articles about how to sell, what to sell, how to price, etc. This information is invaluable and all available to Jim’s clients. There are several links below, but the main Jim Cockrum Coaching page can be found by clicking the link above.


After a commercial break, Kat was joined on the line by Jordan Malik to discuss his newest venture, the CLEER app. 

Questions that were asked were:

  • What is your ecommerce history like, Jordan?
  • What and where are you selling now?
  • Can you describe your newest eBay tool for us?
  • Where can our listeners get this tool?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Tell us about your new “Ask Jordan” podcast and how my listeners can be on it!

Jordan’s new program, CLEER, is a google chrome add on that is available in the chrome app store and helps you find completed eBay listings simply by clicking a few buttons! This can save an incredible amount of time when researching items you are interested in selling. All of us, at one point or another, have had to go to eBay, search for our item, then change our wording around, then change the parameters of the search to the “sold” listings or “completed” listings and we know how frustrating the process can be. Odds are, you’ve had to sort through all of the completed listings before even finding one that sold and how much it sold for. This was a great invention by Jordan and we can’t wait to find out what’s next! Tune in to his podcast to find out more about Jordan, or follow the links below!

If you would like to find out more about being coached by That Kat herself, go here:


Links from the show:

Kat ended this episode of That Kat Radio by telling the guests that she knows they’re busy entrepreneurs and she is devoted to bringing them new content each week that will make a big difference in their businesses. We will be back next week at 2 PM EST right here at with more eCommerce information and connections to help you define your success and achieve it!


That Kat Radio – Podcast 60 -April 7, 2-14: Social Sandi

Listen to That Kat Radio – Podcast 60 – April 7,2014: Escape Hashtag Hell With Social Sandi


In this episode of That Kat Radio, Kat spoke with Sandi Garcia, or “Social Sandi” about how to escape hashtag hell.


Kat spoke with Sandi about her history in the social media world, as well as the history of hashtags and how to use them effectively. 

Some of the questions that were asked were:

  • Why are they called hashtags instead of pound tags or number tags?
  • What is a hashtag?
  • Are hashtags similar to keywords?
  • Are hashtags searchable?
  • What is the best way to use hashtags on each of the social media channels or platforms?
  • Can using hashtags effectively help your business?

Sandi began as on online seller and quickly graduated to a social media expert, from there, she began helping others with the social media aspect of their businesses. Sandi is referred to within the seller’s circles as “social sandi” because she has so much great knowledge of the  social media channels and how to use them best. Kat allowed the guests to ask any question of Sandi and the one who asked the best question (or the most, as was the case) won a free business consultation with Sandi! Trevor was very excited to have won and I’m sure his business will profit from it wonderfully! If you would like to find out more about Sandi or have your own business consultation, you can find her here


Links from the show:

Kat ended this episode of That Kat Radio by telling the guests that she knows they’re busy entrepreneurs and she is devoted to bringing them new content each week that will make a big difference in their businesses. We will be back next week at 2 PM EST right here at with more eCommerce information and connections to help you define your success and achieve it!

To re-price or not to re-price…that is the NEW question.

Amazon has been making some great announcements lately. The best announcement so far was the one made last week. They are releasing a new API for sellers. For those of you who aren’t sure what an API is, (like me until my That Kat Radio show this week) it is an Application Program Interface, basically a program or set of tools that allows two programs to talk to each other and share information. This API is called the Subscriptions API and it has huge potential for Amazon sellers who love to re-price their items based on the current market value. Normally, when you want to see if an item’s price has increased or decreased, you have to login to your account and check the “price match” feature, or search for the item within the site. With this new API, you will be able to get notifications when an item’s price rises or falls.


This new policy is one of my new favorites because Amazon has been working with my good friend Paul Cole over at SellerEngine Software to perfect the API for months before it was released. The Seller Engine team has an app called Sellery, which helps you set automated price changes, helps your global selling program and re-prices your listings for you around the clock based on the strategies you have chosen. I love all SellerEngine software. I have to admit, I’m pretty partial to their Profit Bandit app, but I may have to take a much deeper look into Sellery now that this API has come onto the market. Congratulations to Paul, the wonderful folks over at SellerEngine and to Amazon, for once again making our hectic lives just a little bit simpler!


So, are you a re-pricer? Do you believe in adjusting your prices to the market value of an item or do you simply leave your prices where they are, hoping the market will adjust to you? No matter which side of this debate you’re one, you owe it to yourself to head on over and check out both the announcement and the software to see if it’s something that’s up your alley. It’s always best to be informed. With that, I wish you all a great day in this busy world of ecommerce!

First Year Filing Taxes as an Online Seller? Let us Calm Your Nerves!

First Year Filing Taxes as an Online Seller? Let us Calm Your Nerves!

This guest post is brought to you by, the alternative to Mint for business. Sign up today, import your business financial accounts, and enjoy a less taxing tax time!

Well, it’s about that time again. Time to whip out the tax forms, your calculator and a strong cup of coffee. Taxes are due in about a month and a half so you might as well go ahead and get started on them.

Oh, but wait! Everything is different this year because you started your online selling profession last year. That means your entire process for doing taxes is totally different. Here you were all geared up to do things the normal way but now you see a long road ahead.

If you’re like the vast majority of new online sellers, you’re in a bit of a panic mode right now. Your taxes seem almost insurmountable and you have no idea where to start. To help get you in the right mindset, here are a few things you definitely should keep in mind.

Keep Calm, it Can Be Fixed

Worrying absolutely will not help you! Of course, that’s easier said than done. But freaking out may just cause you to make a mistake you’ll have to go back and fix. That’s right, fix – the IRS isn’t going to bury you in the desert if you goof up a little bit. If you totally botch your 1040 you can send in a 1040X to fix it. That being said, try to get it right the first time!

Keep Everything & Stay Organized

The more organized you are the easier your life will be. It’s true in day to day business activities and it’s certainly true with your taxes. Whether you’re figuring out your deductions, sales tax, or quarterly estimated taxes, you want everything in one place and easily accessed.

Also, make sure you keep everything that has anything remotely to do with your business. That goes for receipts, IRS correspondence, and invoices. Either put everything in its respective folder or digitize it for easy storage. You will likely need it later at some point, no matter what it is.

Get in a Routine

Another tip that will make your life significantly simpler over time is to develop a tax routine. As a small business owner, you will be dealing with some form of taxes all the time, be it federal taxes, sales taxes, or quarterly estimated taxes. If you don’t establish some form of routine, you’re going to get bogged down.

That’s why it’s important to get organized as detailed above. This can help you file everything on time so you’re not always constantly looking over your shoulder for another late fee to come rolling in.

Things Will Change but You Can Handle It

Recently a new tax form came out: the 1099-K. It caused uproar in the online seller community as they really didn’t want to have to deal with any new paperwork. Plus, it was going to mess with their established routines (see above) and cause them tons of headaches.

Thankfully, the 1099-K turned out to be a fairly harmless tax form. And like most scenarios it ended with the online sellers just dealing with the changes. You’ll get to this point as well – the IRS will send out some new wacky form and you just have to roll with it. The best you can hope for is it makes filing a little easier.

If you need more advice, advice, and encouragement about your taxes, head over to the Outright Community and ask away! IF this is your first time at the rodeo, we recommend you read our “Online Sellers Guide to Taxes.” It’s a quick read, but it orients you to your new reality of filing taxes as a small business owner. If you have a vital question specific to your business, make sure to talk to your local tax professional.

I Love Bubblefast!

Mark and Robin LeVineMark & Robin LeVine run a wonderful small business named Bubblefast and for several years and I have so enjoyed watching them succeed. Mark & Robin have helped me so much with my business; they have always been supportive, helpful and wonderful.

This week I am so happy to share some fantastic educational videos they made for online sellers.

I’m especially in love with the first one, of course, cause I had a tiny part in it! Check out the Kat Boxes in this one, AKA Reverse Tuck Mailers


And here is another great one, especially for those selling BUNDLES of products.