Facebook to Take Buy/Sell to the Next Level

Although I am one of those people who complains every time Facebook decides to change something, there’s finally one change that appears to be coming that I think I might actually like. Facebook is apparently playing around with a new feature that could potentially create some serious competition for eBay.

While I have to confess that I don’t seem to be one of the lucky members that is seeing it yet, apparently, Facebook is in the process of testing a feature that will allow sellers to create listings in a way that is similar to eBay’s method. It even comes complete with it’s own drop-down menu of categories for selling in. With this change, comes a new option that is set to appear in news feed that will show members a view of items that are for sale in various public user groups across the site. (Think of it like a Facebook version of eBay’s Search Engine.)

If you’re in one of the buy and sell groups, you may have already experienced an earlier change, which allows members to create “listings” within a group and also attach prices, where the item is at, photos and even a description of an item that is up for sale. This new change that started showing up today appears to be the next step.

As you might suspect, this apparently indicates that Facebook is moving into the same territory with other selling websites, such as eBay and even more so, Craigslist, since there’s no fees associated with listing items on it site. Why would Facebook do this, you ask? Well, it’s another step by the website to keep members on Facebook and stop them from leaving the site.

There are, of course, some disadvantages to using this new service that sellers are going to have to consider. While the “no fees” is a definite plus, Facebook is also making sure that sellers know that if the transaction goes wrong, they are in no way responsible. You buy and sell at your own risk with no third-party to intervene if something goes wrong.

Still, with fees on the rise and eBay’s future not quite as bright and sunny as it use to be, this may be a viable option for those looking to add another basket for their eggs, or rather, want to sell in more than one location.

What is your opinion of the new Facebook changes? Will you be selling on Facebook or are you staying the course with eBay? Leave a comment below.