4 ways for Amazon and Shopify sellers to make the best of the Amazon Shopify partnership

You’ve probably heard by now that Amazon is closing its webstore in 2016 and is moving over its users to Shopify’s platform. And if you’re an Amazon or Shopify user, you’re probably trying to make sense out of this news and figure out how exactly it affects you! So we put together a short list of how this change affects Amazon and Shopify users.


Shopify sellers:


  1. The partnership will allow you to use Amazon services such as login with Amazon, Pay with Amazon, and Fulfillment By Amazon. This means that you can take advantage of Amazon’s fulfillment centres in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan to ship your products more quickly and easily around the world.


  1. You will also soon be able to access Amazon’s marketplace through the Amazon Sales Channel, which means that you’ll be able to sell your products on Amazon’s website! You can sign up here to get on the waitlist.


Amazon web store users:


  1. When you move your store from Amazon webstore to Shopify, you get an extended 30 day free trial on Shopify.


  1. Shopify has also put up a dedicated portal for helping you migrate to your products and customer data directly into your new Shopify store in just a few clicks.


When you do open your new sales channels on Amazon and Shopify, don’t forget to install eRated, a widget that lets you import your reviews from the different platforms you’re selling on to your Shopify store. Starting new stores doesn’t mean you have to leave your reviews and credibility behind! So make the best of it.

eRated is a free eCommerce app that allows you to import your existing ratings and reviews from other marketplaces you’re selling on (like Etsy, Amazon, eBay) as well as your social media accounts (your FB, Twitter, Linkedin) and displays them on your beautiful Shopify store. Try it now.


Payal works as a marketing and business analyst at eRated. She enjoys writing, travelling and startups. Reach out to her at payal@erated.co