That Kat Radio – Podcast 53 – January 27, 2013: Wholesale sourcing and SKUVault

Listen to That Kat Radio – Podcast 53 – January 27,2014: Wholesale Sourcing and SKUVault


In this episode of That Kat Radio, we discussed wholesale sourcing and SKUVault


Today, Kat spoke with Ryan Reger about wholesale sourcing and to and Andy Eastes and Danny Shaw about their product, SKUVault.


First, Kat spoke with Ryan Reger from about his new book, entitled Real Wholesale Sourcing.

Questions that were asked were:

  • Please tell us you got started finding and buying from wholesale companies?
  • Do you think all online sellers should add wholesale buying to their inventory acquisition methods?
  • How do you suggest they get started?
  • Why did you write your book giving away your wholesale sources?

Ryan discussed how he came to discover wholesale sourcing and how it changed his business. Then, Kat and Ryan discussed why he would be so generous as to name his sources for others to find. His new book, Real Wholesale Sourcing, discusses wholesale sourcing in depth and he shares several online companies you can purchase inventory from. Most online entrepreneurs highly value their sources and will not share them. Ryan says that he couldn’t even begin to purchase all of the inventory from these suppliers, and felt he should share these sources so that everyone could benefit from them. Kat and Ryan declared that they would be giving away a free copy of his new book to one person who signed up for his email list today at his site or emailed him to join the list at

After speaking with Ryan, Kat was joined by Andy Eastes and Danny Shaw of SKUVault.

Questions that were asked were:

  • How did SKUVault come about?
  • What does SKU Vault do for eCommerce Sellers?
  • What kind and size of eCommerce seller is SKU Vault helpful for?
  • Are there parts of SKU Vault that are available separately or is it a package deal?
  • What is the cost of SKU Vault and is there a free trial?
  • What else should we know about SKU Vault?

Kat, Andy and Danny discussed the men’s backgrounds and how it directly impacted the creation of SKUVault. They discussed how and why their product came about. They discussed how beneficial it would be to sellers to have SKUs for each of their items across multiple platforms so that inventory management became easier. They discussed how this program is changing the way sellers do business and making their lives much easier. They discussed how very cheap their product is. Kat said that she is using this product and is a big time fan!


Kat wrapped up the show by talking about the ecommerce events coming up. She is in charge of the Seabay cruise and is very excited about it. She is also delighted to be taking part in the More Fun Bigger Profits conference this year. Also, they have opened up registration for the eBay Radio Party in March!


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Update on the Education of an Author!

Still no answer on the Wholesale Purchasing question but they did reply about Amazon lowering my set price of $16.95 to a sale price of $12.20 – when I did nothing. Here is the reply!

“Amazon sets the selling price for, and frequently discounts, items for sale on its websites. However, royalties you earn from books printed to fulfill orders through,,,, and will be based on the list price(s) you set for your book, not the selling price.

We do not have the ability to add or remove discounts for specific titles on any of the Amazon sites.”

Watch for updates and if you need help publishing YOUR book – I’m ready to help!