Show #78 – Brandon Checketts of Feedback Genius and Mark Dorsey of Bonanza

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In this episode, Kat spoke with Brandon Checketts of Feedback Genius and Mark Dorsey of Bonanza.

This week I had Brandon Checketts how he started into Seller Labs and how Feedback Genius started.  He shared free ebooks on tips about their tool.

Questions that were asked and answered were:

  1. Please tell us about your history and how you got into Seller Labs.
  2. How did Feedback Genius Come about?
  3. Why does an Amazon seller need help with feedback?
  4. How is Feedback Genius different from other amazon Feedback programs out there?
  5. How much does Feedback Genius cost and is there a discount for ThatKat peeps?
  6. What else are you working on?

I also had a talk with Mark Dorsey of Bonanza.   Mark gets to talk about how Bonanza started and told us the difference on selling on Bonanza than eBay and Amazon.

Questions that were asked and answered were:

  1. For those who don’t know, can you give us a short history of Bonanza?
  2. Can you please tell us how selling on Bonanza fits into the Multi-CHannel seller vision?
  3. How is selling on Bonanza different than eBay and Amazon?
  4. What are the numbers on Bonanza lately? How is it growing in members and sales?
  5. Please tell us about the new webstores Bonanza is launching and how they compare with other offerings available.
  6. What are the costs for the webstores?
  7. How can listeners connect with you online to learn more about Bonanza?

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Bonanza hopes to drive sales by enlisting the aid of EBay and Google

Don’t you love it when a company that isn’t too proud to reach out for help? Wednesday night, Bonanza told users that it would be launching a program designed to help them sell items faster by now giving them an option to list their inventory on eBay and advertise on Google shopping. This was shocking news to most users, considering that when they first entered the market in 2008, many sellers joined in hopes of using bonanza as an alternative to selling on eBay. EBay had recently made some changes and users were in an uproar. People who had became discouraged by the companies changes flocked to Bonanza. Google recently changed its advertising from a free program to a paid one, and many sellers have already begun experiencing great losses in traffic from the company, so the move by Bonanza to promote their program comes as much less of a surprise than the one to promote eBay.

Bonanza’s main draw was their commission rate, which is lower than eBay’s, at 3.5% per listing. Even with the new program starting, users have the option to do without, and continue to list at the 3.5% rate. With this new program, they can choose to list at a higher commission rate in order to get the exposure on the two websites. Bonanza will use the sellers’ eBay IDs to list the items in a fixed-rate listing on the site and charge the seller an additional 1.5% for using the service, in addition to their initial commission and the eBay FVF fees. “If the item sells on Bonanza first, the commission fee sellers pay to Bonanza could potentially be as high as 13%, but in actuality it would probably tend to average around half of that “if buyers like your stuff,” according to Bonanza. “ (ecommercebytes blog)

13%? Is this really worth it for sellers? I guess that depends on whether the convenience of this particular version of multi-channel selling from one individual platform outweighs the cost-saving alternative of using the sites individually. With Bonanza charging an extra 4.8% just to use the eBay service (on top of eBay’s own fees), I believe it’s a little steeply priced for your average seller. Especially considering that most users turned to Bonanza to get away from eBay’s high fees. What are your thoughts?

For more information from the company directly: Bill Harding, founder of Bonanza, wrote a post about the move on the company’s blog.