Who is ThatKat?

Great question!  Back in 1997 I discovered the phenomenon of TY Beanie Babies and began buying them on this new site I’d found, eBay.

First I bought them on eBay and other websites and sold them at local boutiques. Later I also sold them on eBay. And through eBay I learned to have a business.

I then used eBay off and on for the next 12+  years. I’ve been just a buyer at times. I took ‘vacations’ as my life moved from one stage to another and I’ve even had a fulltime business on eBay as a Gold Level Powerseller, doing over $10,000 a month in sales.

EBay has been very good to me and will always have a special place in my heart. In fact, in 2009 at the eBay Radio Party I was interviewed for an ‘I Am eBay’ video contest and won. It was a fun video!

Since my days at eBay, I’ve expanded, contracted and continued growing in so many directions!

I’ve sold on many different online platforms and am a true convert to Multi-Channel selling, or as my mother used to put it, ‘Not putting all your eggs in one basket.’

So here’s to growth, education and moving forward in your business!